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HOMECOMING is the very BEST part of any TDY or deployment. After being away from our loved one for an extended period of time, all we can think about is the blissful, happy, and loving moment of reuniting.

However, we may not be quite prepared for the challenges that may come along with homecoming.

It’s very tough when our hero is away, and as the ones who are left at home, we have to do our very best to manage everything on our own. When our hero returns, sometimes (without realizing it) we continue to try to do everything on our own or the way we have been while they were gone.

This can lead to our hero feeling as if he is not needed at home or feeling overwhelmed with emotions he has had to keep at bay while focusing on the mission at hand.

We want to make sure our hero’s homecoming is both peaceful AND passionate. Having the REASSURING BLEND and INSPIRING BLEND on hand can assist with this readjustment. The REASSURING BLEND is made up of floral and mint aromas that come together to help promote feelings of balance and reassurance.

The INSPIRING BLEND contains spicy, warm, rich aromas that help ignite feelings of excitement, passion, and joy and counteract negative feelings of boredom and disinterest.

Using Rosemary Essential Oil along with these oils can also help assist with the transition.


• 8 drops Reassuring Blend

• 8 drops Inspiring Blend

• 8 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

Add drops to 10 ml roller bottle. Top with Fractionated Coconut Oil. To assist with adjustment or increase feelings of security and passion for new things, apply to the base of the neck and wrist as often as needed.


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